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Welcome to our site.

If you have any questions about our troop or the materials found on our web site please contact our webmaster and we will get you more information. Please report any broken links to the webmaster. Thank you. Phoenix


New Eagle Scout Project site from Boy's Life. a repository of Eagle project ideas that could be a great starting place for a Scout looking for ideas.

The Eagle Project Showcase offers more than 100 ideas and examples of real Eagle Scout projects completed by Scouts. Each project includes a photo and details on the challenges faced in the completion of that particular project.

About Troop 342

Members of Liberty Benton Cub Pack 324 decided to form a troop at Parkview Church of Christ in July, 2003. The church is located at 15035 State Route 12 East, Findlay, OH. Parkview sponsored the Troop 342 for 10 years. In the spring of 2013, the BSA voted to change membership rules. Parkview decided that they could no longer sponsor the troop due to this change.

Parents of the scouts had a meeting to determine what could be done to continue the existing troop. It was decided that while the charter was still in place at Parkview, the continuing scouts would duplicate in Troop 3342 to sell popcorn and hold a few special events like an open house and NOVA sessions from August to the end of December, while staying active with 342.

Troop 342 has been sponsored by Zion United Methodist Church since September 8th, 2013. The church is located at 9009 State Route 12 West, Findlay, OH.

Our troop operates on the Patrol method. At this time, we have 3 patrols. The Mechanized Warriors, the Spartans and the Eagles,

Troop meetings are on Monday night from 7 PM to 8:30 PM. Any meeting changes due to holidays will be announced on our web site and at the weekly meetings.

All Scouts and their parents are welcome to come to a meeting and talk to our members and their parents.

If you are interested in learning about our Troop policies, check out Troop 342's Handbook. You will find helpful information about fees, leadership directory and other important materials. It is designed for new scouts and their parents.

For further info please contact one of the following:
Scoutmaster, Mr. Wagner or
Carol Little the Webmaster at web342(at)woh.rr.com