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Troop 342 PLC Leadership

Scouts are assigned a Patrol and each patrol is composed of approximately six to nine Scouts of similar ages. Patrols are encouraged to operate as independent units for many of their activities, such as camping trips, summer camp, etc. Each patrol chooses a patrol emblem to be worn on the uniform and elects patrol officers.

The Patrol Leader represents the Patrol at the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC). The PLC consists of an Senior Patrol Leader, the Patrol Leaders and other youth leaders. The PLC develops and implements our Troop Program with the guidance of the Scoutmaster and the Assistant Scoutmasters.

PLC Fillable Meeting Plan PDF

Attendance form for Scribe

Please see the Leadership Position Handbook for information about the different positions and resposnibilites.

Old Goats
Adult unit members are part of the Old Goat Patrol.