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New Eagle Scout Project site from Boy's Life. a repository of Eagle project ideas that could be a great starting place for a Scout looking for ideas.

The Eagle Project Showcase offers more than 100 ideas and examples of real Eagle Scout projects completed by Scouts. Each project includes a photo and details on the challenges faced in the completion of that particular project.

Troop 342 PLC Leadership

Scouts are assigned a Patrol and each patrol is composed of approximately seven to nine Scouts of similar ages. Patrols are encouraged to operate as independent units for many of their activities, such as camping trips, summer camp, etc. Patrol meetings, in addition to regular meetings, are encouraged. Each patrol chooses a patrol emblem to be worn on the uniform and elects patrol officers.

The Patrol Leader represents the Patrol at the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC). The PLC consists of an elected Senior Patrol Leader, the Patrol Leaders and other youth leaders. The PLC develops and implements our Troop Program with the guidance of the Scoutmaster and the Assistant Scoutmasters.

Senior Patrol Leader - Robert C.
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - Isaiah C.

mechThe Eagles (Scout - Second Class)
PL - Lenny R.
APL - Will G.

Cooper C. - Quartermaster
Isaiah N.
Jacob S.
Jarrett B.
Jonathan C.
Keegan K.- Quartermaster
Lenny R.
Lukas D.
Trevor W.
Will G.
Matt H.

The Spartans (First class - Star)mech
PL - Jack R.

Andrew B.- Librarian
Jack R.
Zander C.- Quartermaster
Ethan H.

The Mechanized Warriors (First class - Star)mech
PL -
APL - Christian W.

Logan S. - Chaplain Aide
Christian W.
Connor N.
Devin M. - Quartermaster
Robert C.
Mason S.

Diamond Dog (Life to Eagle) mech
PL - Zach R.

Gavin C.- Scribe
Isaiah C.
Jordan M.
Zach R.
Justin C.
Wyatt. M.

Jr. Assistant Scoutmasters

Jordan M.

Old goat patch
Old Goats
Adult unit members are part of the Old Goat Patrol.



For rank advancment positions Scouts may hold in Troop 342

SPL -- Senior Patrol Leader
Organize and Lead the troop meeting and assist with other troop activities under the Scoutmasters' direction.

ASPL -- Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Assist the SPL with his duties and fill in when the SPL is absent.

PL -- Patrol Leader

Carry out the orders from the SPL or ASPL to his Patrol Unit.

APL -- Assistant Patrol Leader (This job does not count for advancement) Assist his PL with his duties and fill in when the PL is absent.

LIB -- Librarian
Will be in charge of all troop visual and literary materials.

QM -- Quartermaster

Will be responsible for keeping track of and maintaining all troop gear.

AQM -- Assistant Quartermaster

Will assist the QM with his duties and fill in when the QM is absent.

Will assist with troop record keeping to be determined by the SM.

Will keep a continuing scrap book of all troop activities which should include pictures, news clippings and any other remembrances of troop activities.

CA -- Chaplains Aide

Will assist with troop church service on camp out's such as meal prayers and Sunday service. Will also help with scout Sunday services and summer camp needs.